I recently spoke at the International Conference of Shopping Centers West Texas Idea Exchange conference. Here is the presentation: Presentation on Mexican Nationals Impact to ICSC 4-22-15. Of the twenty counties included in this study, El Paso received the highest amount of spending by Mexican Nationals in 2012 at almost $446 million. Our estimate is that the largest amount of money is spent on clothing at about $205 million.

On a side note, I was very impressed with the accomplishments El Paso has made in its economic development and its approach for future development. This includes an awesome new baseball park in their downtown and renovations to a new theater and improvements/additions to other arts facilities in their center city. They also have much more to come with some exciting mixed use projects downtown and in other parts of the city, as well as a streetcar serving the downtown area that will be installed in the neat future. I know the recent economic numbers don’t necessarily show it, but from my quick “on the street” view of the city, they are moving in the right direction.

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